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SEX! From Boredom to Best Practice

    If you've been married for a while, chances are you've experienced some level of bedroom boredom. Like any often performed human activity, sex runs the risk of becoming routine and predictable. While we may choose from a variety of natural responses, if we really want to tackle this relationship challenge, it may mean… Continue reading SEX! From Boredom to Best Practice


12 Steps for Cementing Relationship Commitment

by Denise J Charles We're always talking about commitment in marriage but do we even know what it should look like? Follow these 12 steps to strengthen your level of relationship commitment.  Accept human imperfection in both yourself and your spouse and see it as a gateway for personal development and change Choose loving confrontation… Continue reading 12 Steps for Cementing Relationship Commitment



The question of intimacy, will always be one which will determine the health and state of our significant relationships. But what is intimacy? What does it really look like in marriage and why is it so important? What hinders intimacy in marriage? Why do we run from it and how can we build and strengthen… Continue reading FREE WEBINAR EVENT! GET NAKED: EXPLORING MARITAL INTIMACY


Do You Fall In And Out Of Love?

The idea of "falling in love" as an all-consuming passion over which we seem to have little control is standard romantic fare. We meet someone with whom there is a strong physical and even emotional attraction. We may even get to the stage where we become mildly obsessed. We can't seem to get this love… Continue reading Do You Fall In And Out Of Love?


When Our Sex is Bad

One of the complexities of relationships is that although we can have a very loving partner who meets our needs in several ways, that individual can still be pretty lousy in the sack. How then can we move our sex from bad to good?


Is Your Sex Abusive?

Very often when we think of sexual abuse, we imagine a young girl or boy being taken advantage of by an adult. Most of us get fairly riled up by the idea of an adult, who should know better, seeking sexual gratification through a child or adolescent. What many of us fail to recognize, however,… Continue reading Is Your Sex Abusive?


When Sex Clouds The Issue

There's a belief going around in some circles about women and broken relationships. It's commonly said that the only way for a woman to get over one man is to get underneath another one. There are some women who swear by this standard and will move quickly into another intimate relationship after their marriage or… Continue reading When Sex Clouds The Issue


Ten Tips For Rekindling the Sizzling

If you and your spouse have been together for a while, chances are that you've been dealing with relationship boredom at some level. There is no way around it; sex can and does get boring, our relationships grow stale and we can settle into a sense of inevitability. The passing of years, however, need not spell the… Continue reading Ten Tips For Rekindling the Sizzling


Seven Days of Sex

For those of you who are fitness buffs, the idea of pushing your body to its limits with something like the Insanity fitness challenge may make loads of sense. Whether your goal is working on strength and endurance, bulking up your muscles or losing weight, today's popular fitness routines test how much you really want… Continue reading Seven Days of Sex


Sexual Honesty

Sexual Honesty An Apple A Day: Bite sized tips on love, sex and relationships. Question: My partner is lousy in bed. How can I let him know this without hurting his feelings? Answer: follow link to You Tube Video, ( by clicking on Sexual Honesty above)  to hear how Relationship Coach Denise J Charles responds.