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SEX! From Boredom to Best Practice

    If you've been married for a while, chances are you've experienced some level of bedroom boredom. Like any often performed human activity, sex runs the risk of becoming routine and predictable. While we may choose from a variety of natural responses, if we really want to tackle this relationship challenge, it may mean… Continue reading SEX! From Boredom to Best Practice


The Truth About Penis Size

As sexualized as our culture is, many of us still hold erroneous beliefs with regards to sex. One of those primary beliefs is that a woman needs a man with a big penis to feel sexually satisfied. It has even been said that some women are, at times, unwilling to relinquish a man who on… Continue reading The Truth About Penis Size


The Sex-Focused Man

This discussion may seem like a moot point since it may be argued that all men are focused on sex. Without making the term "sex-focused" seem like some errant disease, it is important to note that sexual difference between men and women continues to plague relationships. While this article is not meant to suggest that… Continue reading The Sex-Focused Man


When Our Sex is Bad

One of the complexities of relationships is that although we can have a very loving partner who meets our needs in several ways, that individual can still be pretty lousy in the sack. How then can we move our sex from bad to good?


When Sex Clouds The Issue

There's a belief going around in some circles about women and broken relationships. It's commonly said that the only way for a woman to get over one man is to get underneath another one. There are some women who swear by this standard and will move quickly into another intimate relationship after their marriage or… Continue reading When Sex Clouds The Issue


Ten Tips For Rekindling the Sizzling

If you and your spouse have been together for a while, chances are that you've been dealing with relationship boredom at some level. There is no way around it; sex can and does get boring, our relationships grow stale and we can settle into a sense of inevitability. The passing of years, however, need not spell the… Continue reading Ten Tips For Rekindling the Sizzling


Seven Days of Sex

For those of you who are fitness buffs, the idea of pushing your body to its limits with something like the Insanity fitness challenge may make loads of sense. Whether your goal is working on strength and endurance, bulking up your muscles or losing weight, today's popular fitness routines test how much you really want… Continue reading Seven Days of Sex


Sexual Honesty

Sexual Honesty An Apple A Day: Bite sized tips on love, sex and relationships. Question: My partner is lousy in bed. How can I let him know this without hurting his feelings? Answer: follow link to You Tube Video, ( by clicking on Sexual Honesty above)  to hear how Relationship Coach Denise J Charles responds.

love relationships sex men women gender marriage sexuality emotions intimacy, romance, Sexuality

Sex After Infidelity

After a confession or the discovery of sexual impropriety, a decision to stay together is going to be filled with challenges. One of the primary places where the effects of infidelity are likely to be experienced is the bedroom. How does a couple reclaim their sexual groove after one of them has cheated? The Cheater… Continue reading Sex After Infidelity

love relationships sex men women gender marriage sexuality emotions intimacy, romance, Sexuality

Why Women Cheat

While there is still plenty of debate about who cheats most, it cannot be denied that women’s changing social and economic circumstances have perhaps widened the opportunity for cheating to occur. We rationalize that women become vulnerable to affairs because of loneliness and a lack of emotional intimacy with their partners. Women are our mothers,… Continue reading Why Women Cheat