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New Lifestyle Radio Talk-Show “Better Life With DeniseJ”

Log on to http://www.blogtalkradio.com & search for "Better Life with DeniseJ"

Red Red Apples joins Better Blends Relationship Institute to bring you a new and exciting Live talk show with author, counselor and relationship-coach Denise J Charles, Executive Director of Better Blends Relationship Institute.

Better Life With DeniseJ is an exciting, radio-blog show which will keep you inspired, entertained and fully engaged. Listeners will find it filled with loads of tips, personal experiences and humorous anecdotes, that will help them  experience that “better life” which we all crave.

Follow the link to listen to the first episode “Make Life Better”

Our second episode deals with the touchy subject of sexual abuse and how it can impact our intimate relationships.

Whether you are married or single, if you have experienced sexual abuse, or know someone who has, then this show will resonante with you. Maybe you are involved in a helping profession, and have a desire to help those who struggle with this aspect of their past.

This show will air on Monday September 12th at 11:00PM (EST)                                                                               “Sexual Abuse and Your Relationship”. Follow the link here.

If you miss the live shows, log in any time after to listen to the podcast.

To be a part of the show or to join in the discussion live call Denise, your host, at (714) 816-4739

Hopefully by the end of this show we will all learn how to bounce back from tragedy to enjoy a “better life”.

So stay tuned and enjoy “Better Life with DeniseJ” and please share with your friends.

Better Blends Relationship Institute

If you have been enjoying reading or engaging with my articles on sex, relationships and sexuality, then perhaps you will be interested in being a part of a recently founded dynamic organization.

BETTER BLENDS RELATIONSHIP INSTITUTE ®  is a knowledge-based entity dedicated to furthering the cause of great relationships. We are a virtual organization interested in helping individuals, couples, marrieds and singles navigate their best relationships.We are actively involved in relationship counseling for singles and couples, relationship coaching, and training.

Log on to our website and become a member. Feel free to share your opinions or ask questions on any aspect of relationships or personal development.

Better Blends, in the very near future, will be conducting a range of courses and seminars, face to face and on-line. Peruse our “Training Programs” page to see what we will be offering.

We are a registered entity, operating as a not for profit organization. We welcome your interest and your membership. Just log on to our “Get Involved” page to learn about how you can become more intimately involved with the work of the institute or learn about how you can access our services.

Stay tuned for an exciting new publication by the institute.

“HOW TO HAVE MIND-BLOWING SEX WITHOUT LOSING YOUR BRAIN” is my latest book which will soon be released in both paper-back and digital formats. It is a no holds-barred exposé on the issues of sex and sexuality, written in a totally engaging manner.

Keep reading this blog to find out how you can purchase your very own copy of this exciting book.

Denise J Charles (M. Ed)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Executive Director