Of Mondays and Other False Starts

Say Yes!


Very often we drag our feet when it comes to the start of a new work week. This time of COVID 19 has in many respects enlarged the anxiety, stress or tension that many of us may feel going into a new work week. Some may even be jobless or without their financial anchor which makes the task of meeting a new week even more dauting. Mondays with its propensity for false starts will always be with us but then, there’s always Tuesday. Enjoy my latest poem.


Monday is a moon,

a mountain

a great wall high with plans,

and pronouncements.

A barrier to sunsets and sweet sundaes with cherries on top,

a pile of enemied white papers and white-blue-grey filtered screens.

Monday is a motion,

an ocean;

a flow not restricted nor restrained.

It is a hope and happy accomplishments

promised by last week’s rain.

Monday is a…

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