Of Mondays and Other False Starts

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Very often we drag our feet when it comes to the start of a new work week. This time of COVID 19 has in many respects enlarged the anxiety, stress or tension that many of us may feel going into a new work week. Some may even be jobless or without their financial anchor which makes the task of meeting a new week even more dauting. Mondays with its propensity for false starts will always be with us but then, there’s always Tuesday. Enjoy my latest poem.


Monday is a moon,

a mountain

a great wall high with plans,

and pronouncements.

A barrier to sunsets and sweet sundaes with cherries on top,

a pile of enemied white papers and white-blue-grey filtered screens.

Monday is a motion,

an ocean;

a flow not restricted nor restrained.

It is a hope and happy accomplishments

promised by last week’s rain.

Monday is a…

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Quotes to live by: Influence

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“MOTHERING is an “honour role” and a “life role” which can be multiplied in various contexts. It effectively teaches us love, patience, selflessness and about the things which really matter. It is about NURTURING and can be demonstrated whether or not we have given birth. As a mother shapes her child’s world through care and instruction, learn to develop the power of INFLUENCE in all spheres of life. Understand that you have a tremendous opportunity NOW to impact the future.”

Denise J

© 2020

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