A Guy’s Take on Finding a Good Man

by Ken Pile


Very often it has been said that good men are hard to find. And though this belief may be based on some fact, it is not the entire truth. Why? Because it’s not impossible to find a good man. Actually, there are loads of good men out there. Everyday, women are approached by potential husbands; however, these same guys are constantly pushed away.

One may ask, how is this possible? The answer to this question is simple; a poor judgment of character and seeking the wrong things in a guy.For many, if a guy has a decent paying job, house and car, then for most women he can be automatically considered “a good man”; when quite frankly that’s just a guy with material assets. Whereas, the plumber or the guy with no car or a nice paying job, gets the blind eye. While not knowing for the most part that he is a good man with loads of potential.

Needless to say, because many women seek the wrong attributes in some guys, many have fallen victims to loneliness and have challenged the idea of finding a good man.

The crux of what is being stated here is that a woman needs to take the time to know a guy’s character for she may never know who she is talking to. This means getting to know a guy in total, not just what he has or is wearing.

So what’s a good man? A man who exhibits the character of listening and paying attention, one who is supportive and encouraging and adds joy to a woman’s life.

Ken Pile is the Editor of ASK THE LOVE DOCTOR 246; a blog and online community, designed to give women a better insight about love and relationships from the point of view of a man. Find him on Facebook at Ask The Love Doctor 246

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