Should Porn Be Used To Spice Up Your Love-Life?

I know that there are some counselors and therapists who recommend to couples. the use of porn, in an effort to spice up their flagging love-lives but can porn really be considered a valuable tool in relationships? Pornography is sexually stimulating; I will not argue with that. It is designed to be arousing and it… Continue reading Should Porn Be Used To Spice Up Your Love-Life?


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If I were to ask how many of you love either receiving or shopping for new things, I am sure for most people both hands would go up; twice. We love the new with a capital L; that’s why a new romance is so exciting and enticing. We get to experience fresh new butterflies and a wave of pleasure we’d never felt before or which at least we might have forgotten. If we are honest with ourselves, we would admit that we often wish that some of this quality of “the new” could be preserved in our intimate relationships. If only it were as easy as it appears in the chick flicks we watch religiously.

Despite what we may see on television or read in romance novels, we must, however, recognize that great relationships don’t just happen. The truth is, a great love requires blood, sweat, tears and a…

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