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“Living Red” The Talk-Show: Recovering From Infidelity

Our new lifestyle radio talk-show “Living Red” begins in earnest tonight by looking at the touchy subject of infidelity. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. What is “Living Red”?

“Living Red”, the campaign, is an initiative of Better Blends Relationship Institute and Red Red Apples. It seeks to encourage us to bring into the open those sensitive issues about relationships and sexuality which many of us still find difficult to discuss. At the same time, the campaign encourages a celebration of our relationships and our sexuality, through accessing the knowledge and skills which we need to make our relationships better.

Living Red, the talk-show by the same name, will help us to examine and confront critical issues which challenge our marriages, our relationships and our families. Red is a signature colour which suggests boldness and tenacity in the face of obstacles. Red is also the colour of love, so as we share on this show, we will expose our own vulnerabilities and needs. We know that this will move us towards becoming better women, men, husbands, wives, partners, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends.

We air each Monday and Thursday night at 11:00 PM (EST) on Blog Talk Radio.

So just follow the link below, by clicking on “Living Red” to hear our first episode.

The “Living Red” talk show: Recovering From Infidelity

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