Sexual Man or Sexual Boy?

When it comes to the area of sex most men think they are experts. With so much testosterone to spare and a constant interest in sex they have mistakenly linked intense sexual interest with sexual expertise. Many of us women know from experience, that our sex lives are hardly what they’re cracked up to be. If most men were as “expert” as they believe then most of us women would be deliriously happy. The reality is that being “great at sex” for most of us women in relationships, is about a whole lot more than just knowing how to use the “hardware”, if you get my drift. It involves having the right attitudes, knowledge base and skills required to make a woman fulfilled on all counts. It is the quality of the orgasm to some extent (who wants to be sexually frustrated?); yes, I won’t belittle that, but it is also about a whole lot more.

If you are a woman, are you living with a fully mature well-adjusted sexual man; or is your spouse merely a sexual boy? If we find ourselves deeply dissatisfied and perhaps living with a man who needs to grow and mature sexually; what can we to do to make it better? Listen to the new podcast for my latest episodes on the internet lifestyle, radio-show, Better Life With DeniseJ to explore this issue further. Just follow the links.

Is Your Man a Sexual Man or a Sexual Boy? Part 1

Is Your Man a Sexual Man or a Sexual Boy? Part 2



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