WHAT KIND OF APPLE ARE YOU? Exploring Sexual Power Styles

Some of us are happy and satisfied with our sex lives: at least I assume so, I don’t actually have the statistics to prove one way or another. Others of us are kind of bored with the idea of sex, some like what sex brings (promises, gifts, attention) while others of us are having sex like if we’re trying to save the planet from extinction. This article is an attempt to look at the serious idea of a “sexual power style” in a lighthearted way, by linking this concept to an apple. Not that there is a distinct similarity between apples and sex because there is no literal connection (of course except for sweetness) but the truth is that apples are easily accessible to most of us and they are things we love to bite into and chew. Plus that old adage “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away” seems to have a familiar ring of truth to it when we think about sex. So maybe there is some similarity after all . . .

NB: “Sexual Power Style” is that inner instinct which makes us aware of how our sexuality shapes, defines and connects us to others. Read on to discover what type of apple you are.

WHAT KIND OF APPLE ARE YOU?  Exploring Sexual Power Styles Most women generally love to be in love. We love relationships because we love . . .  relating. We enjoy connecting. We love sex (those of us who do) because sex makes us feel desirable and on a good day, loved. We therefore understand intimately the power of sex. At least most of us do. From as far back as we can remember, there has always been some crazy boy panting and trying all types of tricks to get us to “drop the drawers” as it were. Some … Read More

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