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Personal Change

“Knowledge can be the initial impetus for any significant life-change. It is, however, our passion for change and our internal discipline, which will empower us to sustain change, until it becomes meaningful transformation.” Denise J Charles

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Beyond Relationship Pain to Personal Power

Okay; so that man or that woman did you wrong. Well maybe that’s not so okay, but the reality is that as long as we are in a relationship, we are going to experience some pain. Things definitely do not always go smoothly in love-land. So what exactly should we do when we find ourselves… Continue reading Beyond Relationship Pain to Personal Power



In most couples' forums today, there are several arguments advanced as to why sexual fantasy is a good practice among couples. There is the belief that it adds some needed excitement and dynamism to the bedroom. Through fantasy individuals can become somebody else and can take on attributes and characteristics not necessarily their own on… Continue reading IS SEXUAL FANTASY REALLY GOOD FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP?


Of Mondays and Other False Starts

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Very often we drag our feet when it comes to the start of a new work week. This time of COVID 19 has in many respects enlarged the anxiety, stress or tension that many of us may feel going into a new work week. Some may even be jobless or without their financial anchor which makes the task of meeting a new week even more dauting. Mondays with its propensity for false starts will always be with us but then, there’s always Tuesday. Enjoy my latest poem.


Monday is a moon,

a mountain

a great wall high with plans,

and pronouncements.

A barrier to sunsets and sweet sundaes with cherries on top,

a pile of enemied white papers and white-blue-grey filtered screens.

Monday is a motion,

an ocean;

a flow not restricted nor restrained.

It is a hope and happy accomplishments

promised by last week’s rain.

Monday is a…

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Quotes to live by: Influence

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“MOTHERING is an “honour role” and a “life role” which can be multiplied in various contexts. It effectively teaches us love, patience, selflessness and about the things which really matter. It is about NURTURING and can be demonstrated whether or not we have given birth. As a mother shapes her child’s world through care and instruction, learn to develop the power of INFLUENCE in all spheres of life. Understand that you have a tremendous opportunity NOW to impact the future.”

Denise J

© 2020

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love relationships sex men women gender marriage sexuality emotions intimacy, Sexuality

SEX! From Boredom to Best Practice

    If you've been married for a while, chances are you've experienced some level of bedroom boredom. Like any often performed human activity, sex runs the risk of becoming routine and predictable. While we may choose from a variety of natural responses, if we really want to tackle this relationship challenge, it may mean… Continue reading SEX! From Boredom to Best Practice


8 Signs Your Relationship May Be In Trouble

Every relationship has its highs and lows but do you know when yours is in serious trouble?

Love Life: Love, Sex, Relationships . . .

ang couple Do you know when your relationship is in serious trouble?

Whether your significant relationship/marriage is new or old, chances are it has gone through its fair share of highs and lows. While the traditional notion of “falling in love” may seem a tad euphoric and short-lived, growing in love, according to scientific research, is still a very real and explainable occurrence. Which brings me to the focus of this article.

What happens when our relationships seem to have reached a growth stalemate? Do we even recognize that things have come to a screeching halt in the growth department? Are we even aware of the signals which might suggest that our relationship may be in serious trouble? Do we even know what we can do to turn things around? The following list, though not exhaustive, represents some of the common warning signals which suggest that our relationship may be in serious trouble.

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Men, Sex and the New C.P.R

Men and the New CPR: Chase Penetrate Retreat?

Love Life: Love, Sex, Relationships . . .

“For many men, sexual expression over time becomes habit and impulse driven, leading often to fleeting or diminished pleasure and perhaps increased longing, desire and frustration.“

Many men engage in a set of predictable sexual behaviours.

While many of us may be familiar with C.P.R as a life-saving technique, in the context of my discussion, it takes on a whole new definition which I’m sure will easily resonate with my female reading-audience. Male “relationship-behaviour” has been governed for centuries by what I term the three pillars of male sexuality. For the purposes of this article, this behaviour is represented by the letters CPR, which in turn stand for Chase, Penetrate and Retreat. These “pillars” are in fact, a series of collective-behaviours which have become familiar themes in today’s male-female relationships.

While phrases like “a leopard doesn’t change its spots” and the less complimentary “you can’t teach an…

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Getting The Relationship You Want

Are you completely satisfied with the state of your intimate relationship or marriage? If not, how do you demand what you want from your relationship without begging or appearing bossy or worst yet, desperate? The fine art of being at peace in our relationship is a combination of set of core factors. These include knowing… Continue reading Getting The Relationship You Want


When to Ditch That Relationship

Sometimes we hold on to a relationship for all the wrong reasons. At times it can be a sign of desperation or it may reveal our insecurities or our obsession with romance. Follow the link here to watch an episode on Digital Romance TV, where I share on when it's right to "kick that relationship… Continue reading When to Ditch That Relationship